I Am One Of You Forever By Fred Chappell: Chapter Analysis

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I Am One of You Forever by Fred Chappell is a novel consisted of many stories from ten-year-old Jess’s memories. The book shows the relationships of Jess and his family-father, mother, grandmother, and Johnson Gibbs as well as his relatives who visits them. The novel shows happiness, sorrowness, death, and mysterious and how Jess grew up with these events that he faced. My favorite chapters from the novel are “The Furlough” and “The Maker of One Coffin”. Throughout these two chapters, readers will see the foreshadowing of death and may learn to accept death. The chapter that confused me the most is “The Beard”, which really makes no sense. In “The Furlough”, Johnson Gibbs came back from the army to visits the family before he leaves again to be shipped overseas. Johnson Gibbs was introduced in the “The Good Time” when he worked for the family and was 18 years old. He was a very optimistic young man who likes to pranks other people along with Jess and his father, Joe Robert. Jess had been anticipating Johnson’s returned and is eager to see him when his father told him the news that Johnson will visits for a few…show more content…
In this chapter, it shows that not everything is simple. Anyone can make up their mind about something big, but they will face obstacles just like Jess’s idea of Johnson killing Hitler. He cannot go up to Hitler and shoot him and think that the war will be over. Johnson’s decision of enlisting into the army was a mistake and a regretful decision on his part. It taught readers that they should not make a rush decision and think the problems through before deciding anything. He made the mistake of enlisting because he thought he had no one in his life before he met Jess and his family. Sometimes we make mistakes because we do not think about the outcome and make rush
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