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I thought I’d post a review today of a board game that I bought for my kids this last Christmas. Yes, I’m aware that was 5 months ago, but it’s honestly taken me this long to decide whether I love or hate it. My family, including my 8yo and my 7yo, really enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, so when I found out there was a version based on the building of the transcontinental railroad in the United States, my little homeschooling heart just about burst. The game, Catan Histories: Trails to Rails, is around the $50 mark, so I hesitated… a lot. I finally caved over the holidays because… learning and Catan and awesomeness awaited us if I could just fork over the cash. SPECS:
The box says this game is for ages 12+, 3-4 players, and that the game takes about 2 hours. In comparison, the original Settlers of Catan game says it’s for players ages 10+, 3-4 players (but you can buy expansions for more players), and that the game takes about an hour. REALITY:
We’ve played the original game with my younger kids without issue. The concepts are not too hard for them to understand, but I’ve never met a Catan game that “only” lasted an hour. Ever. It usually takes us 2-3 hours, even when it’s all adults playing and no kids. Basically, I don’t believe a word on the box. Trails to Rails is actually more accurate on the box, but I still don’t think a game could be completed in 2 hours. The 12+ age range is probably a good suggestion, but you know your own kids. It could be fun for a child
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