I Am Preparing My Career Path For Higher Education

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The practicum activities that I have attended contributed and made an impact to my learning such as leadership class, telemedicine courses, reading, and the research for my capstone project in different literatures to obtain evidence based practice. As I am preparing my career path for higher education in the future, I have come to the realization that higher learning is the key to better tomorrow and leaders are not born, they are made. Leaders are people who truly understand themselves and recognize the various elements of human nature. Communication is the most indicative trait of an effective leader because if a leader can empower followers to comprehend precisely the message, production and success are the results. I also learned that by taking these courses on higher education and leadership this will develop and mold me with the critical and analytical skills that will prepare me to compete with other healthcare professionals.
It is a constant learning process of discovering new strategies, new teaching ideas, learning outcomes from the social group, the community, and especially from my fellow students. I noticed that teaching works if it is adequately addressed and the individual will receive the critical skills and tools necessary to build a profession and a life that is rewarding and triumphant. The purpose of researching and finding evidence based-practice is to develop the necessary strength and competence so that I can contribute and share to an ever…

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