I Am Proud About My Life

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1. I am proud that, I have chosen my major (Fine Art) and have stuck with it despite what people say and that I’m majoring in something I’m passionate about and not just something that will make a lot of money when I graduate.

2. One thing that I can do now that I couldn’t a few years ago is being able to assert myself. I’m naturally a very shy and quiet individual and as a result I would be overly passive and allow other people to speak over me or talk down to me without defense. Over the past few years after going to college and having a few different jobs and different life experiences I’ve learned to stand up for myself and let people know when what they are doing I wrong. I’m not afraid of people not liking me anymore as long as I know that I’m standing up for what is right.

3. Someone I really admire is my mother, growing up her childhood and living situations were often less than ideal. Growing up Hasidic her access to education was very limited but she never let her lack of formal education hinder her after her families’ departure from the Hasidic community. She’s one of the most nonjudgmental and loving people I know growing up my mother has taken in friends of me and my siblings when their living situations became less than ideal or dangerous. A specific instance of this is when a childhood friend of my older sister’s mother was deported, my mother opened our home to him and his younger sister to keep them out of the foster system and allow them to graduate from…

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