I Am Proud Of You Essay

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I’m so proud of you honestly. I can’t believe I’ve known you this long. I know there are times we didn’t speak, because we are doing our thing. Whatever your personal business was, but it’s alright. I was still thinking of you. We are here now, at this moment. It’s seem forever, but what’s time honestly. You are probably have an answer to that, but I was just saying. This one of the reason why I like you, because you just seem to make me laugh. It could be the stupidest thing, but what matters is you making me happy. I hope I do the same with you. I know a letter is not something you’ll expect, since I already congratulated you. You know I like writing, so you probably saw it coming. I vividly remember when we first met. Honestly, my mind went blank and didn’t know what I was doing. I probably made a fool of myself. You were just this excited and confident guy. Couple days later, we started talking and I got to know you a little better. My thought were, you are pretty amazing. I was too quick to feel comfortable with you, it’s probably your charm. You truly have something special in you. This may be all talk, but this is honest it gets. When we were in summer scholars, you made me really happy. The chances are I didn’t really show it. Oh my, I can just remember. Some of the girls were questioning if I liked you, but little did I know that I’ll eventually will. Yes, you do have that effect on people. Well, you did on me. Remember when I first told you the three words? I

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