I Am Proud To Be An American Essay

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There are one hundred and ninety six countries on Earth. But one stands out greater than others, only one is known by every single country on the planet. One country stands out, not because its better, not because its worse, but because it is a sanctuary. Approximately 5000 years ago the continents were connected by a large mass of ice, making a bridge that was treacherous and bitterly cold. Eskimos originating from Asia traveled over the vast 12,000 mile bridge over several years, until they reached what is now Canada. Some stayed in Canada and parts of Alaska, but most moved on and continued traveling south. After an agonizingly long, cold journey they reached America and were the first settlers to ever call her home. Although they were the first settlers, they definitely were not the last. After King James I consent a group of English men,women, and children left for America on December 6th 1606. After brutal storms and sickness they finally reached there destination on May 13th 1607. The group…show more content…
I am proud to be an American because it is a place where everyone belongs, where no one is left out. In America there is always room for hope and prosperity. America might be free, but in this land we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in, no matter what it is, no matter the cost. America is the country of fighters, know worldwide for fighting for their beliefs, for fighting for what we think is right. I am proud to be an American because of it's sanctuary it offers, because of the men and women that fought selflessly for our freedom. I am proud because of America's rich history that makes it the country that it is
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