I Am Proud With My Family

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As one of eight children, I am consistently humbled by the experiences in my early environment. My siblings and I shared clothing, toys, bedrooms, and even beds. It seemed I always had less than my friends. As the second oldest, I had responsibilities and to watch over and care for my younger siblings. I feel blessed for growing up in a big family because I learned not only how to be patient and thankful with less, but how to serve the younger and weaker. Every weekend on the way to work in the hospital I am reminded of the tragedy that occurred a little over four years ago. I can recall coming from school that day vividly picturing a red ambulance in our front yard and firefighters dousing the scorched remains of the place I called home. That was the first time I remember thinking to myself that I may never see my family again. I learned the importance of counting possessions as lost when our house vanished in that fire. More importantly, my parents instilled in me a deep understanding that no treasure on this earth can compare to the infinite value of a human being. I carry this principle with me in all aspects of my life. As a result, I diligently seek a healthy personal relationship with every precious life. I believe that this and similar early experiences have not only fostered the person I am today, but have also led to my interests in medicine. It is clear to me that I want to commit my life to serving others, counting each more important than myself. While my

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