I Am Pursuing Nursing As A Profession

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Reflective practice is a regulatory requisite that ¬future nurses, such as myself should undertake in order to be able to conduct proper care towards patients. It is also the capacity to reflect on ones action to engage in a process of constant learning by using a range of strategies in orders to expand my knowledge. This essay will divulge in my reflection as to why I am pursuing nursing as a profession as well as describe and expound on how reflective practice will aid future nurses. I will begin by explaining my reasons as to why I chose this profession as a career, closely followed by the meaning of reflective practice itself, and finally, how reflective practice will be used in my future occupation.
Choosing nursing as my profession wasn’t unprecedented, due to my family’s uncommon involvement in the nursing world. My own mother is the only known member in my family engaged in such a profession because of her aptitude towards empathy and her keen sight for common sense. Her involvement made me aware of this type of profession and how I could help others, thus shaping my strong belief in becoming a nurse myself. My belief in this profession was further strengthened because of a nurse that took care of me during my lengthened stay in the hospital. I managed to contract a deadly virus that left me disoriented and scared and the nurse’s mere presence was the only thing that calmed me down. Her gentleness towards me caused me to idolise her and consider following in my
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