I Am Reading If I Stay

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I am reading If I Stay by and I am on page 159. This book is about a girl named Mia, who is very talented at playing the cello. On a snow day Mia and her mom, dad, and little brother left the house. When driving they were in an accident. Mia found herself outside her body, and unable to talk to anyone. In this paper I will be connecting and predicting. In my journal I will be connecting to If I Stay. In the book if I stay I find myself a lot like Mia. I see myself in Mia’s personality, and character. To start, Mia, is the kind of person who keeps to thereself, or has maybe one close friend. I like to keep to myself a lot of the time. I do not talk about my personal issues often. I have a decent amount of friends, but I only have one very close friend. The friend I can trust, and talk to them about important things in my life. Another reason, is that Mia feels alone quite a bit. In the book If I Stay, Mia is by herself, wanting to save her brother. Mia will occationally find herself feeling alone. I tend do do the same. I often feel like I can not trust anyone. It will sometimes feel like no one cares for me. Also, I feel like the is no one I can turn to for help, or other reasons. lastly, Mia has the need to help. Mia wants to help her family, and be there for them. Mia cannot do so, because she is on the outside of her body. (I pinch as hard as I can. I don’t feel a thing” (Forman 18) I want to help the people around me. When my friends need someone to talk to, I am

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