I Am Reading Nineteen Minutes By Jodi Picoult

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Activity 1: The Basics
My name is Leala Solomon.
I’ve read a little more than 15 books.
I read every day.
I am reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.
As I was choosing between what books to read, I read the summaries for all of the choices. It interested me that it was about a school shooting due to a massive amount of bullying to victim. Shootings have become more realistic in 2015 and I wanted to see what the victim was thinking during the shooting.
I expect different viewpoints to view the story in to better understand the book. I would also expect a distressing bullying story and a depressing end with students dead. I am expecting that the story will take an interesting turn and surprise the readers.
Activity 2: Setting
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This is the first location of the story that the book gives and it shows where all of the story takes place. The majority of the characters are born, live, and were raised. It gives us a deeper understanding and comprehension on how the characters connect and interact with each other. For Alex Cormier, her day started as familiar and usual and ended as devastating and shows the people’s lives before the shooting.
“By the time the SWAT team got there, a hundred more shots might be fired; a kid might be killed. He drew his gun. ‘I’m going in.’” (page 29). This is taking place at Sterling High, where the shooting is occurring. Patrick Ducharme arrives at the scene as a first responder but is not allowed to enter the school until SWAT arrives per protocol. He is seen as stupid and courageous and brave in this one moment. He could have died running in mindlessly and risking his life but that can also be seen as brave and courageous. He stopped Peter from killing anyone else and saved many lives. This shows what happened at Sterling High and how the residents reacted.
“The double doors of the cafeteria swung shut behind him. By now, the team working this room had assessed and transported the injured; only the bodies remained behind. The cinder-block walls were chipped where bullets had pierced or grazed them. A vending machine-glass shattered, bottles pierced-dribbled Sprite and Coke and Dasani onto the
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