Professional Goals Essay

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[As a passionate health educator who has worked for over 5 years in direct patient care in various forms, I believe I am ready for the next level in my career. While the motive behind my professional experience has always been the desire to promote positive health outcomes and affect change in my community, my main job duties have primarily involved assisting patients and affecting health on an individual level.] In my current role as a bilingual (Spanish-english) care manager, changing the lives of the individuals I work with has only served to increase my drive to promote healthy change actively challenging the stigma around important health issues, through learning more and educating others. The more I work with members of underserved populations who face the systemic, and pervasive barriers faced by underserved and stigmatized populations on a daily basis, the more inspired I am to advocate for social justice and affect change and reduce stigma) on a broader level. Through advanced coursework in public health through the certificate of public health sciences, I will be better prepared to address barriers at a community level.

My undergraduate degree in community health education was only the first step of many that would shape my growing interest and aptitude in the realm of public health. I gravitated towards coursework dealing with sensitive and highly stigmatized health subjects and populations, and was especially fascinated by the ……. During this time, I also
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