I Am Requesting A Withdrawal From A Second Course

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The main reason I am requesting a withdrawal from a fourth course is due to strong generalized anxiety and its disruptive effect on my ability to function as a student. My issues with academic anxiety have been an ongoing problem in my college career. I started seeing counselors as a student in Washington University in St. Louis during the spring 2013 semester and have been continually receiving intervention for my diagnosis since then. Due to anxiety and psychological difficulties, the university granted my medical withdrawal for the next semester so I could get a professional diagnosis of my anxiety.
In order to have more support, I moved back to Jacksonville to stay with my parents and received a professional psychological evaluation on May 2013 which confirmed that I struggled with high levels of generalized anxiety, as seen by the provided documentation. Some early life events have caused unpleasant subconscious feelings of fear and worry especially in regards to school. Two of my three lower level course withdrawals here at UNF were taken during this medical withdrawal period in fall 2013 as a transient student. I was trying to manage my anxiety just recently having discovered my diagnoses and unfortunately had to withdraw from both Algebra Based Physics and Calculus III. I was listed as a transient student and slated to return to my previous institution, so I sadly did not report the reasons for my withdrawal being paralyzing anxiety. I have been attending University…
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