I Am Responsible For Teaching My Students Not Only Social Science But Literacy

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After completing this assessment, I found it easier to say that I am responsible for teaching my students not only social science but literacy. I learned a lot about being a teacher as well as being a student, through the assessment process. Even though I was only teaching one student, there are several ways that I could have diversified the lesson as well as been able to facilitate learning in a diverse classroom. Of course, I couldn’t have done any of it without collaboration between myself and others of my field. Had I needed to use these lessons in a full classroom, there is more I would want to expand on. Naturally, social science and literacy go together quick and concise while developing both the teacher and the student.
The first time I meet my student in our lessons, I had decided that I wanted to get to know her well. We did an activity together in order to learn a little bit about our personal selves (the four corners), then I asked some general history questions, and then specifically asked her questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Those questions helped me to understand where she was as a history student and then as a student overall.
My second lesson became content related. We were learning about the constitution and some underlying reason behind the bill of rights. I played the last episode of Liberty Kids and repeatedly stopped it in order to ask her questions. She explained to me what that character’s argument was, or how something could play into the bill…

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