I Am Sam Essay

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I Am Sam December 16th, 2010
In the movie I Am Sam, I will be discussing two elements of communication, facial expressions and the social exchange theory of relationships. I will be describing two different scenes of the movie to show how facial expressions are an important element of communication as well as two other scenes to show how the social exchange theory of relationships works in this movie.
During the final custody hearing to determine if Sam, who has the mentality level of a seven year old, is capable of raising his daughter Lucy on his own, it was apparently very easy for Mr. Turner to manipulate him into agreeing with him. Because of Sam’s facial expressions during this scene, we can determine that he was becoming
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When Rita goes to Sam’s apartment when he did not show up for his first court ordered evaluation, Sam ends up having an emotional breakdown when he said Lucy does not need him anymore because she has a new family and he knows she does not need him. Rita asked him if that was what Lucy had said and he said, “No. I just know she does not need me.” When Rita said that that was the first stupid thing she ever heard him say, Sam’s facial expressions showed that he was very upset, depressed, and frustrated. Rita told Sam that he could get Lucy back, but he has to fight for her. Sam started yelling because he was so upset and frustrated and he said, “But I tried! I try and I tried hard!” Rita told him to try harder and he said, “But you do not know! You do not know! You do not know what it is like when you try, you try, you try, you try, and you do not ever get there! Because you were born perfect and I was born like this and you were born perfect! People like you do not know! People like you do not know what it is like to get hurt! People like you do not have feelings! People like you don’t feel anything!” Rita’s facial expressions at this point show that she is offended,
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