I Am Sam 's Mental Retardation

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I am Sam was quite possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. I was personally very moved by the entire story. I learned a lot about how these kinds of cases usually pan out for those that are mentally disabled. I had not ever thought of a story like this, but now that I was opened to these kinds of issues in the lives of people with mental disabilities, I am glad that I watched this movie and gain some insight.
Sam faced several psychological issues in this story. Out of all the psychological issues this movie portrays Sam to have, his mental retardation is the one that is the main focus of the story. This movie goes to show that his intelligence is that of a seven-year-old. This escalades the story because as his daughter begins school, her intelligence grows larger than her fathers, which is the center of the problem throughout this story. In the beginning, the movies goes to show that Sam has a case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Throughout the movie, they continue to show his case by first organizing the artificial sugars at Starbucks to finally, near the end, organizing alcohol pads from Pizza Hut. Along with OCD, we find out from the help of the lawyer fighting against him in court, that Sam also has autistic tendencies. Also, in several parts throughout the movie, Sam shows behavior such as going to a certain restaurant the same time every week, and having to eat a certain thing at a certain place, or else he becomes very upset. Along with

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