I Am Satisfied With My Writing Skills

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Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, I have discovered and improved heavily upon my writing skills in addition to analyzing all of the reading assignments that we were given this year. I firmly believe that these journals have significantly improved all of my abilities within the realm of English. I strongly feel well prepared for the AP test, but most importantly for all of my future english classes, and classes in general. The journal experience I had may have been time consuming, but overall it was very positive. In the beginning of the school year, I tried to set a standard for my writing in this class at a higher level. Looking back, the work was adequate compared to the recent assignments that I have written. The first set, I am satisfied with in addition to the second set. The one at the beginning of second semester is a different story. It may seem that I put little effort into that set, but I will genuinely say that I had many outsides issues going on with my family that needed my attention at that time, but I did all that I could during that time. In relation to the substance in the journals, the second set was my best by far with my worst being the third set. The third set did, however teach me about time management skills. The short time I did have to work on them prepared me well for the timed reading assignments and writing assignments. It gave me a feeling of urgency to finish the assigned work in the given time. Even though it was not a proud set of

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