I Am Sitting At My Dinner Table

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Two weeks after the hit and run incident of friend’s son, I’m sitting at my dinner table, eating a bowl oatmeal and an apple when all of sudden I noticed the person who hit Scotty through my window. He wore a gray buttoned shirt and a black dress pants. He also had a Bluetooth device which he wore on his left ear. I stared at his face, he had gray facial hair, wrinkles and had a bald spot on top of his head, which made me consider him as a person in his fifties. From examining at all of this, I speculated that he would be a businessman of some sort, but when I see his taxi cab parked outside of my residence at the curb, I was awfully mistaken about his profession. The car had a small dent at the front of the car, this made me assume that…show more content…
They were conversing with each other and at times they would laugh. Later they got straight down to business, she took each document and read each one at a time. I look at her face as she gets unhappy each time as she reads these documents. From this, I knew something bad was going to happen. I was getting intrigued, so I open the window a little and I put ear near the gap so I could clearly hear them. She sounded angry and I could hear her say, “This is not what we agreed on.” He replies back to her saying, “Sorry, my boss just told me to give you this and that’s it.” When I go to look back up, the woman takes the documents and rips them in half. She goes to her car and drives off at full speed. As he goes to pick up the documents, he glanced towards my house and sees me, so I duck down as fast as I can and my whole body starts to freeze up. Then when I go to look back up, he is still staring at my directions. When I see his blue eyes, it gave me recollection as if I recognized him from somewhere. Now I remember, he came to my hotel once and my co-worker was in the car. She didn’t have any money at the time and asked me to pay the taxi driver. Then that was when I saw him and his distinct blue eyes. After, he went to his car and tries to start up the engine, but it didn’t work. Then I see him approaching my doorstep and I hear a ring. So I go to the door and opened it and he was standing right there. He asks me if I could help
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