I Am Sitting At My Dinner Table

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Two weeks after the hit and run incident of friend’s son, I’m sitting at my dinner table, eating a bowl oatmeal and an apple when all of sudden I noticed the person who hit Scotty through my window. He wore a gray buttoned shirt and a black dress pants. He also had a Bluetooth device which he wore on his left ear. I stared at his face, he had gray facial hair, wrinkles and had a bald spot on top of his head, which made me consider him as a person in his fifties. From examining at all of this, I speculated that he would be a businessman of some sort, but when I see his taxi cab parked outside of my residence at the curb, I was awfully mistaken about his profession. The car had a small dent at the front of the car, this made me assume that when the car hit Scotty’s head it might’ve caused this dent. He was carrying a brown briefcase that had a keyhole and two buttons to open it. He walked towards the front of the car and opened his briefcase carefully and took out a couple of legal documents. He placed them out neatly on the hood of the car and reached into his briefcase and took out a pair of eyeglasses that had particularly huge lens. In a distance, I see a vintage Cadillac car coming towards the taxi cab and parks behind it. A woman steps out of the car, she was tall, had blonde hair and she looked pretty young according to me. She wore a very elegant dress, high heels, and a lot of jewelleries that made her look wealthy. The taxi man smiled at her and she smiled back.…
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