I Am Sitting On The Shore Of My Soul

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“I am sitting on the shore of my soul” Blue says to himself. The waves break to the rhythm of his heart and send water flowing up the beach front to deliver a chilly “Hello”. He grips his hands to embrace the cold of the water, but still sits in his lonely spot in the sand. Neither he nor anybody within a thousand miles knows how he arrived, but there he was. The sand had dried onto his legs leaving him and his pants in quite a tattered state however he didn’t care, he was listening. He was listening for the calls of creatures of the depths. Eventually the sounds would surface and seemingly cry out, begging to be heard. “I hear the call of you in the water, and for once time is still and I think I prefer it this way” Blue says to himself.…show more content…
“What do you mean, honey bunny?” She replies. “Our house mum, it’s…. Different.” Blue responds, looking out into what appears to be a living room with chairs and couches void of any other person. “Oh, I understand what you mean!” She says while chuckling. “I rearranged the furniture last night, you helped me remember”? Blue just stares at her for a moment, holding back tears. “Oh… Yea. How silly of me, I’ll be right back” Blue replies before backtracking his way to his room. He slides inside and closes the door. Tears begin to flow from his eyes as he slides down to the floor with his back to the door beginning to sob. “Where am I, what happened? This isn’t my life!” Blue thought to himself. Through tears Blue began to observe his room, same layout as the one he remembers but the contents are almost entirely different. Upon his nightstand stood a card, one with a picture of someone all too familiar, his grandmother. He wiped away the tears and scurried over to the card. He grasped it in two fingers and began to read what was written inside. “I hope you’re enjoying Illinois, I know it’s far away but remember I’m only a phone call away!” The picture attached was of his grandmother standing with him In front of the house he knew as home. Blue stares at this image while sitting upon his bed for quite some time, slowly realizing what is going on. “I’m in… a new timeline?” He thinks to himself. The happiness brought by his epiphany begins to

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