I Am Soldier For Christ

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priesthood, the more my soul longed for my return to what I truly loved, that being a servant of God. At night, even though my prayer life had begun to dry up from pursuing a life I didn’t really want to lead, and my faith being attacked, I still said my night time prayers, just as I had done years ago. During my prayers in the dark, the Holy Spirit silently leaked his love into my heart. And my suppressed longing to be a priest whispered to me, and even though my love for God was like a delicate leaf floating down a raging torrent, I still sought for him in my night time prayers. I will say that while writing this paragraph, I have tears in my eyes. At the beginning of my eighth grade year, I began preparing for Confirmation. I knew that this was the moment in my life where I had to honestly answer if I wanted to be soldier for Christ, it was the Holy Spirit that caused me to not just get Confirmed to punch a box so, I could please my parents. I had to seriously gaze into my life, my heart, my soul, and confirm for myself where my love was going to go to. I began to pray to St. Anthony of Padua, my friend that I had when I was in early grade school. I asked St. Anthony to help me find various things that I had lost. In fact, his help was so apparent to myself, and others, that people would ask me to pray to St. Anthony for them, to help them find something. I affectingly called him the “Swiss Army Knife of Saints”, because I could reword any struggle I or someone else was
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