I Am Sorry About My Brother 's Death

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I am so sorry for your loss and my sincerest condolences to you and your family. Your brother was a wonderful person and I remember all of the times that your brother, you, and I shared. I fondly remember the times that we would race each other to your living room to pick a sofa to watch our favorite TV show at 4:00 pm after we all came back from school. I even remember the time that I scraped my knee while trying to learn how to ride a bike around the neighborhood and your brother and you raced back home to find gauze and bandages to help me heal and get better. We all had some amazing times together growing up, back in our school days, and I hope you know that I miss your brother dearly and understand your pain and wish you nothing but the absolute best in life. I know that we haven’t spoken about your brother’s passing since the funeral but, I would like you to know that your brother’s death is not your fault and that you did everything possible to help him. Your brother’s unexpected passing was out of your realm of control and you could not have predicted, beforehand, that he would choke on a sandwich that day. Even though I know that this will not bring your brother back, I hope that you can find some peace of mind and contentment in knowing that your brother’s death was accidental and that you are not responsible for his passing; it could have happened to anyone and it was out of your hands. Most of all, I hope that everything is going well for you now and that you are…

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