I Am Starving - Original Writing

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They all laughed at her uncoordinated imitation of a bridal march, the pillow threatening to fall with each step. The 3,000 square feet condominium overflowed with fun and laughter. “Pizza time,” Ellen yelled. “At last,” Rick said, marching towards the kitchen knocking the pillow off Rose’s head. “I’m starving.” Gwen felt a sense of euphoria, reminiscent of her earlier childhood days. She was happy. In a few days she was going to be Mrs. Rick Haley, and for her, the day couldn’t come soon enough. “What a magnificent spin on a seemingly plain life,” she thought. She was slowly but surely transforming into a high fashion model and had absolutely no idea how it all happened. One day she was the cutie in the baseball cap and the next one she was walking the runways in Paris, London, L.A. and New York. The best news came, however, when her mother was given a thumbs-up at her last doctor’s visit. The X-rays and tests showed her lungs were almost functioning at full capacity. Her appetite had come back and so had the color in her cheeks. Rose was fitted for her bridesmaid’s dress. A size eight! Was it all too good to be true? While they ate, William pulled Rose aside and whispered, “My family is coming to New York this weekend. They are dying to meet you.” “What if you invited them to the wedding? I would love for them to come.” “I thought about it but I didn’t know if Gwen would mind. You know she really wants a small wedding.” “Gw-w-wen,” Rose…

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