I Am Studying Suicide Rates

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I am studying suicide rates because I want to find out how hostile communication leads to depression and low self-esteem, in order to help my reader understand how words can cause psychological suffering. I chose this subject because of its controversial nature and its relevance to my life. I, as well as several friends of mine, have been affected by this issue in our lives, and its impact tends to linger. I approached this topic by addressing the relationship between words and their effects; I wondered how something as simple as a word or phrase can lead to tragedy. How the image reflects Barthes’ elements of Studium—the context and composition—and Punctum—the emotional resonance—will become self-evident in the following analysis of the image’s composition (Barthes 27). (Source: ) A significant change I made in the concept of this image was how I categorized suicide victims. My original idea was to focus on teen suicide because it is a prominent issue in the news and some of my friends encountered the issue when they were younger. However, having recently turned twenty, I realized that the lines we draw between age groups are meaningless in this context; suicide affects all age groups. This particular selection of the wall of remembrance was chosen because it contains victims of different races, ages, etc. Currently, there are 1, 741 photos posted on the wall, 2 more than what I recorded when writing my DSoA (“Faces of Suicide”). The historical significance of the
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