I Am Sweating Profusely - Original Writing

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I was sweating profusely. Of course, it was the middle of summer in Southern California; why wouldn’t I be. In fact, in the dojo it was sweltering. That wasn’t really why I was sweating though; this was the day of my test. I remember everyone was making jokes and frivolously making small talk, but it was only to pass time. I looked on the mat and noticed how big it was, how it could hold a hundred people; then I realized how observable every mistake I made would be with only a few testers on the floor. I looked around the room and saw the audience waiting, anxious for the event to start. To us testers, each one of them was another judge, watching our every move. I knew once I started my test, my focus wouldn’t depart from my task. For now, all I could think about was what was about to happen.
Thirty minutes until my test started and I was stretching. I remember trying to block out everything around me and recall why I was there. I had been training eight lengthy years for that day, and I had been training hard. If you had told ten years old me that I would still be doing this in eight years, I would’ve been astounded. It started off as just a way for me to exercise but it had become so much more. I had made good friends, learned virtues like patience and diligence, and even changed me from a shy kid to a confident young adult. Most people had past me up due to my bad back, but that never discouraged me. I loved practicing Hapkido (I still do to this day); I did it to…

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