I Am Taking A Class About Exploring The Mind

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Amanda: Hey Babs, I am taking a class about exploring the mind, what it’s teaching me is people do not know why they do the things, and that they will just make something up that fits with their behaviours, feelings or whatever. It is also teaching us that our past experiences and available information actually influence our choices, evaluations, memories and perceptions
Barb: You’re joking that can’t be right, I am certain I know why I do things. I don’t just go around doing things for no reason. I would like to think that I thoroughly consider my options about a decision before I act upon it I’m a reasonable person.
Amanda: I am not saying that you do not always know but generally, our brains are just guessing at everything, filling
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The cool thing about the study is they did a follow up to see if they knew that the essay changed their view. The subjects were able to accurately able to describe their opinions before the essay and told the researchers they had a new opinion on the matter but still might not be aware that their opinions have changed! So weird but so cool!
Barb: Let me get this straight, they knew they were against the subject before the paper and after are in support of the topic and still can’t explain that they altered their opinions? It doesn’t seem possible. If your opinion is not the same as before than it has been altered in some way, how are they not aware of it? It should be noticeable.
Amanda: What I think the experiment shows is that people can accurately report their old opinion and report that they have a new opinion but cannot identify that writing the paper was the source of the change. Because they had no reason to write the paper against their view so, they had to change their view in order for it to reflect the paper to reduce the inconsistency in the mind.
Barb: It does show that people’s judgements or opinions can be changed and not know the source or reason for the change however, I still do not understand how that shows that people do not know the reasons why they do things.
Amanda: I suppose it is not actually that we don’t know why we do things. In
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