I Am Taking Four Non Challenging Classes Essay

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Over the summer, I remember being nervous about going to Cal State LA. I had many fears. I feared I will pass none of my classes and make no friends. I am currently taking four non-challenging classes. I regret not taking more classes. I let my fears win. When I registered my classes for the fall on August 3rd, I feared taking more classes will be a load for me. Throughout my four months being in health and human service class, it helped me become a successful student. I followed and used many great tools from the Learning to Learn book. I used the resources at Cal State LA, 4 LTL Thinking Skills,
Initially, I did not where the library was at. In September when professor Tillman told us to meet at the Library North, Basement, Room B101 for Information Literacy presentation. As I was going downstairs to the room B101, I noticed another stair going down. I was very curious of what was down there. So, I went downstairs to check what was down there. Down there was a quiet room. The room’s walls were white. There were many study carrels. I told myself that I should go to this room to do my homework and study for tests. The next day, I went to this room to study for my statistic test. Due to studying my statistic test on the desk of the study carrels and the quietness, I received a solid A on my statistic test.
On November 3rd, I went to the Mind Matters Town Hall meeting. In the Mind Matters Town Hall meeting, many tables were filled up by one professor and nine students. Going
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