I Am The Best Teachers

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Working with others to perfect our investment plan was very beneficial. As we work to be the best teachers for our students it is important that we take the time to explain to students what we are working toward and why. Goal setting allows students to understand the purpose of all tasks and to also be investing in the content. As the readings were very valuable and presented many data collection and analysis tools, I believe I pushed my teammates to incorporated student voice more often. As Ashlee is working toward students being able to make personal connections to the Big Goal, I suggested that she have an initial discussion around students’ personal connections to the “why.” This would allow her to talk less and allow students to ask meaningful and clarifying questions as Joel (2007) states. In addition, Nikola looks for her students to be able to state where they are individually in relationship to the Big Goal. As she incorporates the student progress chart Marzano (2009) discusses, I challenged her to meet with students individually to set personal goals. These two articles were most impactful throughout my planning and review of group members’ plans this week. I hope that my feedback was meaningful and added quality items to include in my group members’ investment plans, which help them as teachers and their students. Completing this investment plan with my teammates helped me experience growth in different areas. As a very type A person I am very organized and

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