I Am The Daughter Of A Retired Military Veteran

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I am the daughter of a retired military Veteran. My father has PTSD from his experiences during his time of service for the Marine Corps. The environment in which my family and I grew up in shaped much of who we are individually today. As a child, I was not always able to understand the environment that shaped my developing mind. Often times, the air was filled with aggression and hostility which would manifest itself in multiple forms. As I grew older, the anger that I was taught growing up resided deep within myself. I found that I suffered mental consequences; repressed feelings would seep out of their dormant state and into my daily life unexpectedly. In high school, the problems that accumulated through my childhood would finally…show more content…
The picture that was once grueling is the one I love today. I am proud of the way I chose to learn from the suffering that I endured. Through this accumulated self-love, I have developed a desire to provide love and empathy to every person I meet. It is the love residing within me that will allow myself to leave a mark on the world, it is the fuel of the passion that drives my every step. I now find myself wishing to further my passion for psychology while studying abroad in London. I will be taking a Psychology course that will transfer as six hours of upper level three hundred courses. The course I will be taking investigates how school and clinical service delivery operates in the U.K. with a focus on autism spectrum disorders and emotional and behavioral disorders. The University of Westminster is where I chose to study not only because of the diverse history that resonates among the city, but the prestige of the psychology department. At The University of Westminster, the undergrad and graduate psychology programs are all accredited by the British Psychological Society. This opportunity will provide a number of things that will assist in the development of a career in psychology. Studying during the summer will allow me to get ahead and take advanced classes at my home institution that pertain to behavioral psychology while focusing on children. It will be an opportunity to expand my knowledge on a subject I am passionate about learning from

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