I Am The Instructor Of A Kindergarten Classroom At Bandini Elementary School

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I am the instructor of a kindergarten classroom here at Bandini Elementary school.
My students are between the ranges of five and six years of age. The subject in which I will be teaching my students will be music and dance performance. Previously I have just taught the basic of music and dancing but I have been observing my students and notice that many have a yearning desire for the different types of music and dance styles that are related no their cultures and the different cultures of the world. I am looking to bring the different culture dance and music to my classroom and allow the students to create a dance and music performance that they can share the rest of the school displaying the different cultures. By doing so the
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“Most of the impact of culture is subconscious: We don 't really know why we want to become a teacher, why we enjoy certain kinds of music, and where the characteristics come from that we use when we choose a mate. Culture largely influences all of these traits
(Hall, 1976a, 1977). We also know that these cultural contexts are continually changing and that each individual processes membership in various cultural groups differently (Wardle, F., 2013).”
Music has been placed in the curriculum of many schools but dance has not and I want to change that beginning with my students. Creativity is needed and in dance and music there is always creativity involved. By having my students perform music and dance from different cultures it will allow them to work together and be creative. The students will need access to videos, different instruments that are played by different cultures. We will be providing learning through the art of music and dance. This also allows the students to express themselves in an emotional and physical way.
As my students get more comfortable with performing we would like to take them to different schools to perform. Also making this not just a classroom project but move it to be an activity for the children for after school and eventually to where other students from other schools can join and they can put on a performance all together. By bringing in teachers from different schools it helps to teach in different leaning styles
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