I Am The Product Of Clark County Educational System Essay

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Writing has never been my forte. Nevertheless, this is not to say that I could not write. Throughout the semester with the assigned reading assignments and the given practical writing exercises I have come to grasp a vague understanding, I had never been taught how to write essays correctly. I am the product of Clark County Educational system. I have always struggled through my last classes and hoped to get out of my struggles this semester. One the greatest challenges that I faced was the distinction that existed among different types of writings that are performed within the English language. I did not understand how the distinction between a narrative essay, report essay and an analytical essay, argumentative essay, and reflective essay among other types of essays. I just thought all was the same regarding content and structure.
Additionally, this semester has, however, had an influence on my writing skills and ability a great deal. Before this class, I began my papers with plain facts. The readings and the writing conducted throughout this semester have enabled me to understand the wrongs and the rights encompassed within the English language. Before engaging in writing, I started by discussing my thoughts and impressions with my peers or basically a brainstorming session. Finally, finishes up with a computer search on the subject assigned. Furthermore, the overview and the in-depth study conducted on the topic was very helpful. I became
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