I Am Tired Of Competing With Other Women Summary

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In the Thought Catalog article “I Am Tired of Competing with Other Women” Chelsea Fagan discusses the intensity of the ugly competition between women. Fagan concludes that women tend to be very harsh towards each other, and are very vicious and judgemental of each other in practically all aspects of their lives. Fagan believes that women reserve their severest judgements and strictest standards for other women so that they can place themselves above others. Fagan then apologizes for holding women to unreasonably high standards in areas that she tends to dislike about herself. Fagan concludes with her hope that they can end the vicious competition with each other by letting women be themselves without judgement. Men on the other hand are also very competitive but the competition doesn’t affect most of us like it does women.…show more content…
We tend to disrespect, judge, and hate on others. Most of the times we have a semi-valid reason for our loathing for someone else, maybe their personality, or just the way they act or present themselves to others. But other times we just dislike others for no reason at all and that makes us hate everything they do. We also tend to get really violent. A lot of times the comments get to us and we act out of aggression instead of letting it slide. Women get violent too but it’s mostly men that make their aggression turn into a brawl. No one is perfect. We disrespect, judge, provoke, and fight with each other which is wrong. We should be able to let people be who they are without the fear of being judged and discriminated against. Competition is a good thing. It makes us want to become better, stronger, smarter, more athletic, more productive and also more innovative. Although competition can get really intense it should be seen as a method of self-development. It should not give you the right to make others feel bad about themselves it should bring us together by trying to achieve the similar goal of being the
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