I Am Today As A College Student Essay

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An average adult human makes 35,000 choices, consciously, and subconiuisouly every day. With each and every choice I have made, those major and minor decisions have led me to where I’m today. I was raised in Lakeville Minnesota. Lakeville is new and upcoming suburb in the south metro. It’s known for its spectacular school district, being safe and nearly utopian atmosphere. Growing up, I was typically the center of attention, being the baby of the family. Many factors, (unexpected and predetermined) have brought me to where I am today as a college student. In my elementary years I was an average student and child. I had some problems focusing but was later diagnosed with ADHD. Being the vibrant and bubbly girl I am I made friends quickly, even with the kids that my peers considered “weird”. Lakeville is typically known to lack racial diversity, it wasn’t until middle school that I was submerged into other ethnicities and cultures. Those beginning years were a breeze for me, with supportive parents, willing to do anything to make their child happy. During middle school, not everything was handed to me. I learned about work ethics during a fundraising program through my school. Whichever student could raise the most money to purchase new computers, would win a free iPad. I was determined, my parents refused to give me a cent, telling me that if this is something that I really want then I will earn it on my own. Every day after school I spent my time knocking on doors,

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