I Am Very Happy At The Nice Town Of Pleasanton

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I am very fortunate to live in the nice town of Pleasanton with my two parents who have done a great job providing for me for the majority of my life. From watching "The Dollar Menu" short clip as well as viewing the low income and low access article and map I learned that in my neighborhood there really isn 't limited access to any supermarkets. I have grown up my whole life in Pleasanton with grocery stores located all at walking distance to me and for those around me. When I looked up my neighborhood though it did show Livermore, a city that is about a five or less minute drive from me having a few low income spots in their city. I wasn 't too surprised by this though as Livermore is more of an affordable living area compared to Pleasanton. Bedsides Livermore though, there were no close by low income/low access areas near my neighborhood. There were a larger amount however, over in Hayward and Union City which although isn 't extremely far from my neighborhood, it is about a 25-30 minute drive from my home. As shown in "The Dollar Menu" clip, the pricing of food can affect what you put into your body based on how much food you can get for your money. I have been blessed to never have experienced budgeting my money or discount shopping for food. It was hard to see in the clip that although the mother knew the food she was eating was unhealthy and she didn 't want to feed it to her children she felt she didn 't have much of an option as they were struggling with money and

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