I Am Volunteering For The D.a.r.e Program

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Throughout my life I’ve been involved with many activities within my community. From volunteering to serving mass at my local church to helping with the little kids at mustard seeds. Personally, my best involvement would be volunteering for the D.A.R.E program. The D.A.R.E program is a ten week program teaching the kids the dangers of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. We learn how to make good decisions and how to handle with peer pressure. I started D.A.R.E camp when I was in 3rd grade. I was the youngest there, but I loved it. I started going because my father is a cop and he worked for the program. D.A.R.E camp is a three day camp. Its at our Jefferson Elementary school. Its for grades 4th-7th. I’ve been apart of the program for 6 years…show more content…
The others will stay back for a little bit and play games. Every game they play is determined on how many points you get as a team. You would want to strive for a lot of points because at the end of camp the team with the most points wins first place. The second day, all the teams go swimming at the Delphos swimming pool. It’s kinda early in the morning so the water is usually cold, but we all get over it and go swimming anyways. Well most of us, I typically don’t because of how cold it is. But anyway at the pool we also play more games to earn more points. For example, we have categories: fastest swimmer, best trick, and biggest splash. Every team would compete in that. After everyone was finished we would get all of our stuff ready to walk back to the school. The last day of camp is always the best. Everyone would hop onto the busses and head on out to the kangaroo cave located in lima. All the teams would just go have fun and jump on the inflatables, and when that 's over we would go back to the school to get our awards. Every youth leader and adult leader would get a prize including a gift card to buffalo wild wings and a car wash card. All the younger kids would have their names in a drawing and win other cool prizes. After everyone was done we would go outside. As were all waiting in suspense for the fire trucks to come. And when they did it was game on. Huge water fight between everyone involved with the camp. That was

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