I Am Why I Have An Affinity With Chemistry

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I am sure everyone has an own story, maybe the story is a good or bad experience. For me the story is a bad experience. And the special experience clung to me all my life. So my article will talk about through the experience I learned what love is and why I have an affinity with chemistry. My story happened in when I am seven years old. I called the story name is “birthmark”. The birthmark is a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth. But for me the birthmark is not real birthmark. Actually this an ugly scar. Why I have this scar because when I was a child. One day, I am playing hide and seek with my friend in the field. Beginning, I am just hiding behind the barley now. But second times, I tried to hide my body in barely now. I stepped into the barely now, but my right foot did suddenly feel hot. I quickly out of my foot, but it is too late. My foot is hurting. In the end, my mum takes me to hospital. So I don’t know, in the summer the barely now’s temperature is so hot that burns my skin. Unfortunately, my foot has left a scar. After that my mother told me a lot of about dangerous places I can’t to go and need to careful. When my mum saw my scar. She was sad. Her compunction about she did not care me well. And she told me the white scar look like a rabbit with a basket, so if someone asks what wrong with your foot. You just tell them this is a cute rabbit birthmark. But as I think about it now, my mom is very loving to me. Because every time someone is

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