I Am Working As A Family Health Nurse And Counseling A Married Couple Essay

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When caring for families who need genetic counseling, it’s essential that the nurse understands and considers the family’s values, background, beliefs and behaviors. This information is valuable when setting mutual goals, developing care plans and choosing interventions (Andrews and Boyle, 2016). In this post I will imagine that I am working as a family health nurse and counseling a married couple who are seeking my advice because they are both carriers for Huntington’s disease. As a nurse it’s my responsibility to not let personal feelings or values influence the counseling that I provide to families. When working with this couple, it’s important to understand what they hope to gain from the appointment, so I would start by asking what their goals are for the visit. I would also present an overview the services that we offer such as assessment for genetic risks, genetic testing, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. The implementation phase may include coordination of care, teaching and health promotion, consultation, treatment and counseling (American Nurses Association, 2011). If they are interested in moving forward, I would gather data to create a family pedigree. A family pedigree is an assessment tool that documents genetic risk information to identify family members at risk for genetic disorders. The pedigree usually includes three generations of family members, and the results are used to develop recommendations for

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