I Am Working At London School Essay

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I am working at London school, a comprehensive mixed secondary school with a population of around 1200 students. Located in a very vibrant locality, the school looks very decent and is very popular with the general public. Part of this, is due to its open door policy to the local community. The school hold a number of outdoor and indoor activities on a regular basis, most of them for free, which in return, has created a sense of togetherness and family ethos within the neighbourhood.
The community surrounding the school is very diverse, consequently, the school’s roll is made up of children from different ethnicities, with different social backgrounds.
I am a full time Maths teacher, teaching across KS3 and KS4. Apart from class teaching, I do team-teaching, interventions, form tutoring and all other normal duties like parents’ evening, meeting parents for various reasons and so on.
Looking into some of my classes’ data, on average, about eight percent students are registered as SEN (special educational needs) students, which means a number of provisions need to be met in terms of lesson planning to cater for the needs of these students.
Personal Reflection
Reflecting on my past experience, I have decided to do a very small scale research on children with autism. I opted to focus on this area as, inevitably, as a teacher, one has to come across the challenges associated with the children who suffer from autism. On a number of occasions I have faced the problems to the
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