I Am Working For American Airlines

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Abstract This paper explores American Airlines pit falls that made it behind in the market and it imposes the three principles that are used to reinforce and bring up the bankrupted Walton Works 2 by Peggy Sinclair through advises from Andy in the book Gung Ho! Turn on the People in Any Organization written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowls. American Airlines concentrates only on acquiring most of the routes to establish themselves leaving no option to the customers in the market. American Airlines vision is to hold most of the passengers but not the productivity and service efficiency. To achieve utmost contribution of because of improved pride, possession and passion, American has to implement three principles as follows to increase the…show more content…
Parker did not focus on the Employee neither the service to customers. He emphasised his team in enlarging the corporation but not in enhancing the corporation. The expansion of number of fleets flocked up the passengers but the passengers are not interested to travel repeatedly in American Airlines because of it lacks in customers service. For Example: Southwest provides full refund on cancelation and change travel date 20$ extra on your ticket cost But American Airlines provide only 20% refund on cancelation and it charges double the ticket cost to change the ravel date. Expansion of business kept weighing on employees with no definite values, visions and benefits. Employees followed the management instruction to do their work not knowing the absolute outcomes. For Example: Increase in fleets needs efficient systems to maintain its supply chain requirements but American did not have such facility and enforcing the employees to do it manually which is not efficient. Americans fronting difficulties to compete in the market on its wages to employees. Deficient of employee relationship is putting down the productivity of the corporation and it is the major issue that stops the corporation to generate the revenue. American has to bring in Organizational culture and Team Work that inherits the vision and respect the individual. Organizational culture is a
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