I Am Working On As A Healthcare Administrator Essay

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Introduction This paper is that you are about to read is about the profession that I am working on as a Healthcare administrator. I have always wanted to work on the other side of healthcare helping people, so hopefully this will help me gain the skills that I will need to step into my new career field. Language and Behaviors “If a healthcare professional are able to send and receive data in understandable and usable manner, both the sender and the receiver must have common clinical terminologies for describing, classifying, and coding medical terms and concepts. Use of standardized clinical terminologies facilitates electronic data collection at the point of care; retrieval of relevant data, information, and knowledge; and reuse of data of multiple purposes (e.g., disease surveillance, clinical decision support, patient reporting). “No single terminology has the depth and breadth to represent the broad spectrum of medical knowledge, thus a core group of well-integrated, non-redundant clinical terminologies will be needed to serve as the patient safety systems.” [Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care P14-15(OC)] (Open Clinic, 2011). Behaviors- As an administrator, you must use good judgment. Adapt your behavior to each situation, but expect that conflicts will arise between different expectations in the code of ethics. These gray areas that require you to make a judgment call. Other expectations for administrative behavior are clear. You shouldn’t
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