I Am Writing A Letter

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I am writing you this letter in attempt to express every emotion that has been circumnavigating my mind for the last couple of weeks. My accretion of unhappiness, which I assume I am, or maybe it is the stress after all that has been assailing me. My anima tells me that I should wait until I see you in person, yet I feel like the longer I wait, the more my initial thoughts will become forgotten and all that I am left over with is a mood and uncertainty (this is my shy attempt to prevent that from occurring.) I am also writing you this letter because I am afraid that I will be face down in books over the weekend since finals are drawing near, along with my loving brother and my beautiful nephew coming to town until the following weekend (I assume), and I do not know if the proper time to talk will emerge before I get tied down in these makeshift handcuffs: my studies, final exams, and my family. So let me begin… I wish I knew how to articulate all of my thoughts into words; perhaps this is my first stress followed by many others that I have been experiencing. Maybe writing this letter will bring some justice (yes, I did look this word up in the dictionary like you told me to do so) to my inability of expressing myself correctly, but I highly doubt it because I always feel like I can never find the right words to use, and I have been searching amongst my studies to find these words. Anyways, I want to believe the roots to my stress started when I withdrawn from
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