I Am a First Nation Social Worker

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First, I must identify my own social location which is unique, because I am apart of an oppressed culture (first nations) and my other side is apart of the dominant culture, the oppressor. However, as it currently stands, I am privileged being a educated university student. Once I am finished school, I will middle class. Personally, I used to have a hard time identifying as Aboriginal, because it felt like I signed up to be oppressed and I wanted to fit in, not be oppressed. As a First Nations male, I always had a shadow over me because I felt less than, and not apart of what is looked at superior. My identify was distorted because I was apart of two identities and I felt ashamed of being First Nations, especially growing up in a northern oilfield town, racism was very strong and there wasn’t much room to be anything but white. I can relate to many of Aboriginal clients I may encounter because I see oppression in society including, schools, social service systems, government systems etc. At times, it feels hopeless to survive the colonial systems. In addition, I experienced a lot of hopelessness from clients in my own social work profession both in a homeless shelter and in healthcare. A lot of Aboriginal peoples drank because they stated they didn’t believe there was anything better in store for them. I could relate to this belief growing up too and much of my upbringing I didn’t feel like anything I did mattered. Even being educated, at times I feel out of place and

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