I Am the Master of my Fate

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The world is full of obstacles and pressures. For a college student like me though, these pressures can seem impossible to survive, the trick lies in the ability to overcome them. I cannot make college pressures disappear, but what I can do is make financially savvy decisions, prioritizing what I invest my time in, and keep myself motivated ultimately taking charge of my life. William Zinsser, in the article “College Pressures” (1979), explains that college students face four major pressures in college, but suffer the most from the shackles they place themselves in limiting their ability to make mistakes or explore new ideas. Zinsser supports his explanation by illustrating the types of pressures college students face with extended…show more content…
Especially after my 21st birthday I have found it is easier to get off task and invest my time in non-productive things than even. What I have had to train myself to do is not necessarily go over everything for my class, but spend time on what matters, homework. Darshanand Ramdass, and Barry J. Zimmerman wrote “Developing Self-Regulation Skills: The Important Role of Homework” in which they conduct a study to see if homework really benefits a student, they found that “college levels showed a positive relationship between homework and a range of self-regulation skills, implying that homework facilities the development of self-regulation skills and enhances learning” (215). My teachers were right homework does help. With or without my organized schedule a quick drink with friends will always be tempting, but the discipline to stick to my color-coded planner will help me get my work done. If everything in my life as a college student were perfect my last pressure, my motivation, or lack there of, could ruin it all. Staying motivated to complete my degree and maintaining a positive outlook in life is my greatest pressure yet, and to overcome this I given myself little tasks starting big and ending small. To stay on track I actively set goals for myself, envisioning what the future can hold when I transfer, and ultimately complete my degree. Researching the University of California San Diego website, planning my major and life when I transfer
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