I Attended A Jazz Recital Presented By Music

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I attended a Jazz Recital presented by faculty on March 9th 2016 in Marlboro Hall 1076. The recital was performed by Bobby Muncy, Gene D’Andrea, Shaun Jurek, Andrew Hare and Dr. Nakia Verner. The group performed the following songs, Donna Lee composed by Charlie Parker, Wave composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Misty composed by Erroll Garner, Another Song(For All The Pretty People) and Impressions composed by John Coltrane. In my essay I will discuss Impressions composed by John Coltrane. Jazz is a type of music the African Americans began and is best known for the mighty mood and beat. The primary instruments connected with this type of music are brass and woodwind instruments, for example, the violono and the saxophone. The percussion instruments, the piano and the drums, were utilized by Gene D 'Andrea and Andrew Hare. The string instrument, violono was played by Shaun Jurek. Singing was performed by Dr. Nakia Verner. Impressions was created by John Coltrane in 1961, during the modern era of music originating in the 20th Century till present day. The aspects of this music style incorporates tone color, variations of the traditional tonal system, melody, harmony and rhythm. Impressions was the last track composed by Coltrane before he was announced deceased on July 17, 1967. Impressions was considered as a counter creation to the creation The Love Supreme. Coltrane utilization of “stirring lyric preludes, rhythmic abstractions, culminating in a jubilant, wailing dialogue

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