I Attended The 9 / 11 Memorial Museum

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On the morning of Tuesday, October 11, I attended the 9/11 Memorial Museum. I had never previously visited the Museum before, so expectations of what it would be like were pretty general. Like most museums, it was assumable that there would be some artifacts on display, and plaques with detailed information on the events. Though, unlike other museums, it was also expected that this 9/11 Memorial Museum would have a lot more emotion in it than others, being the tragedy was as recent as 15 years and 1 month ago to the T. That expectation was definitely confirmed from the second I reached the World Trade Center site. After arriving and going through the security screenings, I proceeded to go down the stairs, entering the exhibit itself. Before even observing anything specific, it was immediately realized that this was no typical museum. Most people know that upon arrival, but only when you first enter the exhibit do you realize that this museum is not one that inspects the past, but one that reminds us of it. When you first head down to the exhibit, you see a large map of the east coast on the wall. On this map shows the flights that were used by the terrorists in 9/11, you see their flight paths, and the time when they each crashed. Followed by that, you walked past pillars that showed pictures of people reacting to the planes crashing into the towers, you see the fear in their eyes, the horror. Each picture had its own emotion that was heavy to look at. After walking past

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