I Attended The Concert Call Jack U On Friday

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I attended the concert call Jack U on Wednesday, April 13. It a type of concert that always play Electronic music. The concert start at 8pm, was located in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium near City Hall. Jack U got name from American Dj Duo, project “consisting of Mad Decent founder Diplo and OWSLA founder Skrillex, formed in 2013.” The two famous DJ players that play at Jack U was DJ Skrillex and DJ Diplo which are the top most famous DJ players now. The style of music that they play are Electronic music and some remix music from popular music. When I first enter the building I was very surprised how the people are friendly and the environment. I was never been to those EDM music festival and this is my first time went to the rave. People in the concert are very nice and everyone look like very happy too. The people that attended to rave mosley young ages around 20-25 and the environment is very loud with music and people screaming. The people at this concert mostly jumping, dancing, and very happy with the music. I don’t expect that much people at one concert but the crowds in the building is unbelievable. I think in this music concert mostly people are on some kind of drug and I smell lots of marijuana so I decide to sit all the way up at seats and take some notes. Most people in the concert wear really shiny clothes and a fews of themes are shirtless. In the concert I also saw some light show in groups and and rave Jesus which a mean dress like jesus and people taking

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