I Attended The Concert Called Artpower ! Presents : St. Lawrence String Quartet

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On November 7, I attended the concert called “ArtPower! Presents: St. Lawrence String Quartet” at 8pm in CPMC, UCSD. Four artists performed it: Geoff Nuttall, Mark Fewer for violin, Lesley Robertson for viola, and Christopher Constanza for cello. They performed three String quartets, composed in different eras. The first one is “ String Quartet in C major, Op.76, No.3 ‘Emperor’,” composed by Franz Josef Haydn, 1732-1809. The second one is ”Five Pieces for Spring Quartet,” composed by Erwin Schulhoff, in 1923.The third one is “String Quartet in C-Major, Op.61,” composed by Antonin Dvorak, 1841-1904. This String Quartet with four musicians impressed me a lot, not only for the concert full of audiences, of whom half were on the lower floor and the other on the upper, but also for CPMC Hall’s perfect acoustics to perform music clearly to the audience. Since it was only four-musician spring quartet, they could interact with other with simple gestures or actions. For example, in the “Emperor,” in the first movement Alegro moderato, violinists started to play with a node. Afterwards, when Geoff Nuttal, the main violinist, started to play the solo, other three looked at him, waiting for their performance. In addition, when Geoff played the improvised part, Christopher, the cellist, played the ground bass. He worked as an emphasis and imitation. They must have practiced a lot to understand when to start their parts, such as hearing the key turns. The way for musicians to interact…
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