I Attended The Dignity Initiative Titled In Their Shoes

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I attended the Dignity Initiative titled In Their Shoes on March 14, 2017 at the Preston Ridge Campus. I sat with a group of individuals that I have never met, so it truly gave a different atmosphere for the workshop. The range of ages for participants at my table ranged from eighteen to mid fifties. I found this to be of the utmost help in particular.
My overall take on this workshop is actually quite interesting. My group had only one male at the table, so we did turn to him to ask him what would he do during a time like this. I happened to be the oldest at the table, other than the counselor who sat with us. I truly wish that high schools would do this type of an exercise, because the one skit my table had was based on a high school
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Perhaps if her mother wasn’t drunk most of the time, she may have been able to re direct her in to a better frame of mind. Charlotte is a young lady and not yet considered an adult. According to our text “The search for an identity during adolescence is aided by a psychosocial moratorium, which is Erikson’s term for the gap between childhood security and adult autonomy.” (Santrock, J, 2014) My honest opinion, I think that Charlotte was searching for her identity and was deeply confused by her home life. Unfortunately, there are so many young people in the world today that have that need to be in control. Sometimes, the things we see in the end are just like her behavior when she was driving dangerously because she was getting dumped. Most people assume that when you have it all like her, you have this perfect life. That wasn’t the case here, so I think that with all opportunities that her family may have been able to afford she just didn’t thrive because she could get away with what she wanted too and that damaged her in a way that could possibly shape her adult life.
Derrick’s home life was the absolute opposite of his girlfriend’s; he didn’t have his mother or father in his life. Instead his grandmother, who you could tell meant a great deal to Derrick, is who raised him. They didn’t have a lot of money like Charlotte’s family did; in fact Derrick worked to help out financially. During the script we
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