I Attended The ' Fathering Word : The Making Of An African American Writer `` Lecture By E.

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I attended the "Fathering Word: The Making of an African American Writer" lecture by E. Ethelbert Miller, Miller is an advocate for the arts and a Howard University graduate. Miller started his lecture by saying that being an author was a lonely job, but it was worth it because he enjoyed getting the opportunity to attend events all over the country and meeting the many audience members. Miller says that literature takes you behind the scenes, for example, he talked about how in reality his father was an average working class man, but in his stories his father was elevated to seem like a "Greek god". Miller also mentioned how literature allowed him to reveal secrets of your life that you wouldn 't necessarily want to say out loud. After his opening remarks Miller went on to talk about the important factors that are included in a memoir, he said that a memoir is a collection of someone 's memories and their thoughts of the events. Miller also made an interesting point about if a person has the right to remember or erase a memory from their memoir, but before you make that decision you should ask yourself, "what can a person learn from your life.” (Miller) A memoir is about storytelling and what have you been a witness to. The magic should start on the first page and it 's very important that the first sentence grabs their attention because you want to make people who don 't know you want to read about you. Miller then went on to talk about things you should and should not
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