I Attended The Stars At Night Concert

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On November 1st at 7 pm, I attended the Stars at Night concert series performed by Texas State University’s jazz ensemble in San Marcos, Texas. They had Steve Houghton as their guest artist. I was excited to attend because I had yet to see the inside of the new performing arts center or go to a live jazz performance. A jazz ensemble typically consists of 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, and a rhythm section (consisting of piano, bass, guitar, and drums). Vibraphones, clarinets, and violins are sometimes added to jazz ensembles to add variation to the timbre of the musical group, but the ensemble I attended did not have those extra instruments added to it. The jazz music ensemble played a total of 8 pieces from several different composers. One piece that stuck out to me in particular was the song, “Jazz Crimes” composed by Joshua Redman but performed by Steve Houghton. What attracted me to this song was the prestissimo tempo. It was not hard to pick up on to the fast beat, do to the fact that the artists were tapping their feet at a very high rate. I noticed that there were many solos throughout the entire piece, leading me to believe that the song could be classified as a sonata. “Jazz Crimes” has a concert overture because, it does not precede a larger piece of music. “Blues for Stephanie” by John Clayton was another piece that really drew in my attention. Throughout the piece a sense of emotional instability was portrayed by the constant change in intensity of the
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