I Attended The University Of Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra And Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert

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I attended the University of Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble concert on Thursday, October 8. The concert was located at the Ruth Lily Performance Hall in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center. The venue was calming and comfortable. It is a very nice set up, but not extremely fancy. People arrived in anything ranging from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts. The environment was welcoming and approachable for all the guests. I was able to see almost all of the parts of the stage and all the members of each group. Noise levels throughout the concert were very low. The only thing that would’ve have been nice is if they could have dimmed the audience lights to create a better mood. The lights in the auditorium just seemed to be very bright at times. During the Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble all the performers were wearing all black. I imagine they did this for style and consistency. By wearing all the same color, it helps them look professional and more uniform at the same time so people can pay attention to the music and not the musicians choice of attire. Some women had slight sparkles or accents to their attire and some men you could see the white of their suits but everything else was black which created an element of class and elegance.
In the Chamber Orchestra the musicians were very dramatic in movement, especially the two violinists that stood in front of the Orchestra. It seemed at times like they were having a conversation…
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