I Attended The University Symphony Orchestra Concert

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I attended the University Symphony Orchestra Concert on Sep 30. Being my first ever symphony orchestra concert, the excitement was at its peak. I learned about the concert before so that I could understand a bit more about what is being played and the history of that piece. Reached UCA before time so that I could find a seat for myself and glance through the program book. When I sat down, there were already musicians on stage who were wearing formal black clothes, some of the musicians started working on the passages they needed to polish up before the performance, with no regard for what anyone else is practicing. With time, the hall started to fill up and just before start, I could see that it’s a full house. I didn’t know that so many people love Symphony. I could see that the number of string instrument were far more then brass or woodwind instrument. As I was observing the musicians I saw my TA Courtney Pham on flutes. The conductor of this concert was Wes Kenny, who came on stage with fourteen years of experience. And also featuring performance by famous Caleb Hudson on trumpet. Beethoven 's Coriolan Overture, Op. 62 was the first piece played by the orchestra. The piece was nine minute long. Concertmaster “Frangel Lopez Cesena” comes out and sits in the first chair of the first violins. This music is all about a roman patrician ‘Coriolan’ who has been banished from his native city due to betrayal. He then returns with an army for revenge but stops when he sees his…
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